BXN61 – Premium AO Grit P60 ~ 1000 Metal Finish


Basic Information

Abrasive GrainPremium(calcined) Aluminum Oxide
Backing MaterialTerylene+cotton, X weight
Backing TypeSturdy
BondResin over Resin
Grit RangeFEPA P60~P1000
Coating TypeClosed Coating
Roll Width1370mm
Grinding PressureLow(light), Medium
Apply to Dry/WetWet Grinding
Product FormNarrow Belts, Wide Belts(≤ 600mm)

Special Features

  • Premium(calcined-tech) Aluminum Oxide provides better grinding performance
  • More suitable for metal plate surface grinding
  • Suited to grinder and sander
  • Wet grinding

Typical Applications

  • Stainless Steel
  • Iron Materials
  • Carbon Steel


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