Fiberglass Backing Plate


Basic Information

Outer Diameter90-95mm (suitable for disc of 100 x 16mm or 4 x 5/8 inch)
105-108mm (suitable for disc of 115 x 22mm or 4-1/2 x 7/8 inch)
115-118mm (suitable for disc of 125 x 22mm or 5 x 7/8 inch)
140-141mm (suitable for disc of 150 x 22mm or 6 x 7/8 inch)
170-171mm (suitable for disc of 180 x 22mm or 7 x 7/8 inch)
220-221mm (suitable for disc of 230 x 22mm or 10 x 7/8 inch)
Hole Diameter16.3mm, 22.23mm
FormT27 (flat), T29 (conical)
Surface MaterialBlack paper, Non-woven cloth
Layers5-9, 6-12,12-14
Metal Rings Quantity1pcs or 2 pcs
Quality StandardEurope, Asia

Typical Applications

  • Flap Disc
  • Non-woven Flap Disc
  • Clean Strip Disc
  • Radial blade disc


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