Flap Disc Making Machine


Basic Information (full automatic)

  • Disc range: 100-180mm
  • Cavity with 8-12 station in production table
  • PLC by Delta, other electronics equipped by Panasonic
  • Multi-language support
  • Pneumatic pressure: min 6bar
  • Productivity up to 960 pieces per hour
  • Spool width range: 20-30mm
  • Single flap length: 20-43mm
  • Backing upload capacity: 1,000 pieces
  • Ready made flap disc download capacity: 230 pieces
  • Glue pump: compatible with 200 l glue barrel, barrel diameter: 560mm/570mm
  • Glue nozzle support 2 paths minimum or 3 paths
  • Glue weight used per 1 disc available to adjust
  • Equipped with flattening and leveling stations
  • TWIST ONE upload and download stations
  • For manufacturing 100mm wheels, pins, cores on production table exchangeable from 22mm to 16mm, as well as rods on upload and download station from 22mm to 16mm
  • Grippers exchangeable to 16mm bores
  • Rod press: Machine equipped by the rod press for ready made flap disc before putting to the oven
  • Danger zones covered by safety fence
  • 2 Spools with one over another structure

Technical Data

  • Machine color white RAL 9003
  • Regular electric supply 380V – 50Hz (customized available)


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